Benchmark Newsletter, September 2012

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Perhaps the best part about having a cartoon counterpart is the fact that I get control over everything he says and does. Ask Andy even has his own office! Since I was jealous of all the fun vacations my friends that are teachers took this summer, I gave Ask Andy a summer break too. He's returned, and you'll never guess where he's been.

Ask Andy is back. This time, he's here to teach you how to take your social media engagement into the stratosphere (or maybe higher...astronomy was never my best subject). Plus, we practice what we preach. We're giving away not one but two GoPro HD Heroes, to celebrate the launch of the new Ask Andy video. All you have to do to be entered to win is subscribe to the Benchmark Email YouTube page.

Stay tuned for our October guest blogger series, Full Court WordPress, and another giveaway as well!

Andy from Benchmark Email

Sure, the reason you're sending out marketing emails is to generate new business. That's a given. But you can't make it obvious in your outreach. We're hard-wired by ad culture to immediately resist when we feel like we're being sold something. Instead, be like a skilled retail sales agent. Those that immediately pitch a product to a customer often get brushed off with an, "I'm just looking." On the other hand, if you provide useful information that's relevant even if the customer chooses not to make a purchase, you'll earn trust. And of course, trust leads to sales.

Presence for Non-Profits

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Benchmark Email asked a select group of non-profit professionals to weigh in on how organizations can engage investors online, expand their reach and optimize their social horizons. Our series, Presence for Non-Profits, does just that, and more. So check out Benchmark Email's Complete Presence for Non-Profits Series.

Industry Buzz: Holiday retail ecommerce in the US (minus travel) will total $54.5 billion in 2012, a 16.8% increase [according to eMarketer estimates]
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