This week our Inbox Checker said goodbye to 8 tests and welcomed 12 new ones. If you aren’t already testing your emails, we recommend you give it a shot. Click Here to learn how to create your first Inbox Checker.

New Email Clients Added
Mobile Clients
iPhone XR (iOS 12)
iPhone XS (iOS 12)
iPhone XS Max (iOS 12)
Microsoft Outlook app (iOS 11)
Gmail app (Android 8)
Gmail app (Android 7)
Samsung Mail (Android 7)
Webmail Clients
New Gmail interface (Internet Explorer)
New Gmail interface (Firefox)
New Gmail interface (Chrome)
Desktop Clients
Apple Mail 12 (Dark Mode)
Outlook 2019 (Win 10)

Email Clients Discontinued
Outlook 2000
Outlook 2002
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2011 for Mac
Lotus Notes 7
Lotus Notes 8
Apple Mail 9
Apple Mail 10