At Benchmark, we are always looking for 2-second improvements whether it be by using shortcuts, time-saving apps or improving the user experience. We understand you want a product that is easy to navigate through and a product that is also easy to understand.

Which is why we are excited to finally show you what our teams have been working hard on, our new interface navigation. The new navigation is set to be available to all responsive site users today Dec 6th, 2018!

The navigation changes are based solely on your feedback. We hope with these new changes you can save time, get to where you need faster and ultimately get work done easier.

The left menu options can now be minimized or expanded based on your preference. Each featured option will have different destinations to choose from. For example, if you click on Emails you will see Email, AB Test, Archive and RSS Emails. Everything in one section, the navigation will remain with you throughout your page changes. Also, if you decide to minimize your menu options you’ll still see the icons to each feature such as Emails, Contacts, Surveys, and Reports.

With that being said, we hope these new changes improve your user experience. We will continue to look for more ways to enhance our product and deliver the best product you’ve come to love.