For years our users have been asking for a single opt-in option for their signup forms instead of the double opt-in process. While this was possible, it always involved a call, an email, or a chat with our support team to have it enabled. 

Well, you asked, and we finally delivered! 

Our development team created and released the new Confirmation Settings for signup forms. With this new feature, users can set the confirmation settings for each signup form. 

So here is what’s changed:

  1. Each signup form will have its own confirmation settings. This means you can have one signup form as a double opt-in and another as a single opt-in.
  2. By default, all signup forms are set to Double Opt-in, if you need single opt-in you can change it ? 
  3. If you had Single Opt-in enabled before this change, all existing signup forms are left as single opt-in. However, any new signup forms created will be set to double Opt-in (you can change of course).
  4. You can still send a welcome email to users when using the Single Opt-in method. If the subscriber doesn’t confirm in the email, they’ll still get added to your list. 

If you’d like to know more about single or double opt-in methods, check out the FAQ’s below:

Single Opt-in Signup Forms

Double Opt-in: