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The Future

Email Marketing Best Practices 2011

Investigating the Trends and Best Practices of Email Marketing
Though more glamorous methods may have pretensions to the crown, email marketing is still hands down one of the most effective forms of internet marketing around. Businesses large and small have been using it for years to stay in touch with their audience, create awareness, and build relationships. When executed with precision, an email marketing strategy can foster loyalty, drive sales, and keep customers coming back for more.

At a glance, the email campaign is a fairly simple concept. You put together a list of contacts, send them your newsletter or sales offer, and reap the rewards of their actions. If only it were that easy. To see genuine returns on your investment, you must be proactive about identifying the marketing trends and best practices that could impact your business both positively and negatively.

In this report we will build on the foundation established in How to Start Email Marketing. We will discuss how to avoid spam filters by branding your subject lines and establishing your reputation with your subscriber, designing landing pages that conveniently direct your user to their next click-through, scheduling autoresponders, and optimizing your social media presence. Finally, we will close by touching upon the latest email marketing trends and how they may (or may not) determine the future of better campaigns.