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Why Should I Choose Email Marketing Over Direct Mail?

The Complete Guide to Email Marketing

Postage - Oh, this is an easy one. If you have to send 1,000 customers a five page printed newsletter that costs 83¢ to mail, and you can send that same newsletter in email form for nothing...

Printing Costs - Okay, same thing here. Your modest catalog costs $2 each to print, and you need 1,000. You also want to send a catalog once per month. That's expensive! You can get an email marketing plan for less than $10 a month and assemble great catalogs quickly and at no additional costs. And you can't put a video email marketing in your print catalogs.

Eco-friendly - Email marketing doesn't require the use of paper and ink (unless someone wants to print up a coupon with their printer).

Measurability - How do you know who opens up your direct mail? Sure you can pay for delivery confirmation, but email marketing gives this to you at no additional cost. It can tell you if the email was actually opened and if people clicked on your links. Usually this information is easily viewable with visual graphs and can be downloaded to your favorite office program.

ROI or Return on Investment - This is the biggest one. DMA reports that email marketing returns about $43 for every dollar spent on it. Of all marketers surveyed, more reported using email marketing than direct mail (79.1% vs. 75.4%). Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also widely accepted.

Speed - What is the lead-time in designing a mail piece, sending it to the printer, preparing it for mail delivery and waiting for the post office to deliver it? With a web-based email marketing software that features newsletter templates, you can design and deliver in literally fifteen minutes.