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Why Use Email Marketing at All

The Complete Guide to Email Marketing

You wouldn't be reading this if you thought email marketing was as basic as sending emails to your friends and family. Yes, you could write a personal message to each of your clients - you could even send the exact same message to all your clients - but what separates the look of your professional organization from the email messages they get from their friends?
Email Marketing Looks Professional and is Easy-to-Use.

When you use an email marketing service, your clients get rich-content emails that are bursting with graphics, logos, videos and they almost always look great. The best part is that the industry has come a long way. It's super simple to pick a template, drop in your content and get out your message while looking like a marketing pro.

Email Marketing Is Measurable

Modern email marketing software lets you measure the performance of any of your emails or all of them at once. You know who opened your emails, how many people respond to your communications, and you can make adjustments when you're not getting the results you want.

Good Email Marketing Services Help Separate You from Spammers
Finally, there are good laws in place to prevent spam. How can you make sure you are complying with these laws? A good company will guide good marketers like you through the process while rejecting those who aren't playing by the rules. In the following pages, you'll see how this actually helps your deliverability rates.
Email Marketing is a Refined, Proven and Powerful Methodology
As early as 1980, the first incarnations of the email marketing process were being developed. But its roots can be traced to the methodologies of direct marketers, who use mail to advertise the wares of small and large businesses alike. Both technology and customer's online behaviors have progressed over the years and the models for what constitute a successful ROI (return on investment) have matured. If you're entering email marketing in the 2010s, you have the benefit of coming into a well-developed, sophisticated and efficient infrastructure that is built to deliver your business message with a high rate of success.
Online Software Makes it Easy
The good news is that many Email Service Providers (ESPs) provide inexpensive, web-based software that can help you achieve your marketing goals. The ESPs work hard on the infrastructure and provide you with an easy-to-use, instantly accessible portal to the system. We're partial to Benchmark Email because we've designed it be easy, affordable and powerful. Look for a free email marketing trial so that you know what you're getting before you spend any money at all.