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Click Performance

Metrics: Tracking & Reporting

Benchmark Email gives you the ability to track and analyze beyond the click with a measurement aptly called Click Performance. This particular metric gives you a view of all the links clicked in your email in addition to the total number of clicks per link. Measuring click performance often comes in handy when trying to determine the best place to position your links and the value of specific links.

For example, if you have a link that describes the features and benefits of a product towards the bottom of your message, a low click performance rate could be a sign that it should be placed somewhere in the first couple of lines. If the link for a sales offer is positioned in the first paragraph, a low number could mean it needs to be closer to your primary call to action. On a similar note, if the link to an affiliate product is generating little to no clicks, that is probably a sign that subscribers are not interested in supporting your affiliate, and the link should be removed.

By analyzing your click performance, you can figure out where your links need to be and which links you should be focusing on in order to provoke the actions you desire.