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Click-Through Rate

Metrics: Tracking & Reporting

The click or click-through rate is another metric that needs to be monitored on a consistent basis. It is a metric that tells you the percentage and number of times the links in your email have been clicked. This measurement is extremely important because it indicates whether or not the recipient is taking action. Click rates tend to be low throughout the industry, and this is mainly because getting recipients to interact with your message can be a tough sell. This is why it is so essential to continually provide your subscribers with engaging, valuable content.

So how do you get your click rate looking more respectable? Here are some ideas:

Link to video content on your website.
Link to interesting content on a popular social network.
Avoid predictability. Update links and provide new links regularly.
There are many ways to encourage your subscribers to click-through: a link to a helpful how-to article, a generous discount on your website, a free report. The overall goal is piquing the subscribers' interests to the point where they take the action you want them to take.

When measuring the number of unique clicks against the number of opened emails, the click rate is arguably the more important metric. A click-through makes it clear you have accomplished your ultimate goal, second in significance only to your conversion rate. If you want to boost your responses, sales, and ROI, you must increase your clicks.