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Surveys vs. Polls

Marketing Online: Surveys and Email Polls

Surveys and polls are often implemented to accomplish the same goal of gathering feedback. And though they are sometimes used interchangeably from a figurative standpoint, they are actually quite different. In short, a poll typically asks a single question, while a survey may ask a series of questions. Let's take a closer look at each component to see how else they differ.

Polls are designed to get quick opinions. Surveys, on the other hand, are usually more extensive, able to support more questions and more formats. An email survey can be designed to gather opinions on a new product or service, make determinations about content, or gauge the level of customer service. It presents a degree of flexibility that helps you tackle almost any goal that can be accomplished by acquiring the right feedback.

While you can do a lot more with a survey, the power of the poll should not be underestimated. This tool is best served when you need information to make fast, yet strategic decisions for your business. An email poll can be related to your business, current events, or general topics that are likely to resonate with your audience. The swiftness and convenience of polling makes it beneficial for all parties involved. You ask the questions, your readers respond, and instantly get to view the results. It creates a sense of community that makes your audience feel as if they are playing an integral role in your success.