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Benchmark as Your Email Marketing Solution

Benchmark’s Winery Email Marketing

It’s Powerful, Affordable, Fast DIY
The synergy of your winery partnering with Benchmark Email can significantly ease these onerous time and resource burdens and streamline your campaign's overhead, leading to more sales and a higher Return On Investment! One of the world's leading providers of email marketing services for business, which is trusted by over 73,000 loyal users, Benchmark Email offers a revolutionary and innovative system specifically and exclusively designed for wineries: their exclusive Winery Email Marketing Solution. Our do-it-yourself online solution combines an easy-to-use browser based interface along with industry-standard email marketing features designed to help you to professional business to customer messaging through email and social networking. It’s easy, fast, powerful and very affordable. You can honestly get your first campaign going in minutes.
Industry Standard Features
Wineries benefit from these great features:

Complete Video Integration - Our unique video email method means that virtual tours of the winery, messages from your family, even wine education can be sent to customers' inboxes without clogging their inboxes with large files.
Contact List Management - As your list burgeons, the task of keeping it accurate and up to date balloons exponentially. Benchmark’s email list management tools make it easy to build, segment and clean your multiple subscriber lists.
Creating & Focusing Campaigns - Promoting your winery is much more than just sending out special offers. Benchmark gives you the resources for sending out many types of email campaigns.
High Volume Plans  - Even the smallest winery gets our best features and service, but should your needs extend to sending over 150,000 emails per month, our high volume plans offer special accommodations unique to your high traffic needs.
Expertise & Technology - Benchmark Email operates their own highly sophisticated infrastructure, therefore have ultimate control over every aspect of the transmission of your email campaign. This ensures efficient and trouble-free delivery of any form of email from text to HTML.
Delivery Assurance  -Enjoy sky-high email delivery rates because of our great relationships with all the major ISPs, our strict adherence to email marketing best practices, and our firm anti-spam stance.
Full Tracking Reports Featuring Visual Graphs - Benchmark Email's comprehensive email tracking reports explain your campaign's results in clear language, free from industry jargon, and accompanies each statistical group with attractive visual graphs which allow you to measure performance at a glance.
Social Network Tools - Many wineries already collect email addresses at trade expos, tastings, fairs, concerts, in-store promos, and winery visits, but are missing out on the wide range of social media strategies that exist on networks like Twitter and Facebook. Our integration means you can easily put your message where your customers are and they can get their feedback – and business – to you.
Polls & Surveys - The positive participatory aspect of online polls and surveys is unmatched in the email marketing arena, and with Benchmark Email, you can custom-tailor a variety of customer participation processes to powerfully advance your winery's marketing goals.
Advanced Message Scheduling - Your emails can be scheduled to go out at any hour of any day far in advance.  With autoresponders, you can also schedule countdown timers to coincide with events: when a customer is added to a list, their birthday, renewal dates, or any anniversary.
Templates - We have hundreds of specialized email templates to fit any promotional, branding, holiday or special occasion. All are fully and easily customizable. We can even create a special template for your winery.
We Understand Wineries
There is more to a winery campaign than just offering a discount. There are specific times of the year when a sale can really boost turnover, and other times when all you're doing is selling the same number of bottles you'd sell anyway but for less profit. Benchmark Email honors the cyclical nature of the seasons for the various varietals and the unique nature of winery promotional methods:
  • Concerts
  • Contests
  • Daily, weekly & monthly sales
  • Extra bottle specials
  • Fairs
  • Free or cut price shipping
  • Group sales
  • Harvests
  • Holiday promotions
  • Home parties
  • In-store promos
  • Local & regional approaches
  • New product launches
  • Promoting word of mouth
  • Referral enhancement
  • Restaurant & bar promos
  • Special event marketing
  • Sports matches
  • Trade expos
  • Two for ones
  • Varietal-specific approaches
  • Wine Club optimization
  • Wine crushings
  • Wine tastings
  • Winery visits & tours
The results that wineries can expect from the full extent of the superlative Benchmark Email Winery Service Package vividly translate to bottom line outcomes:
  • Cost / Benefit analysis
  • Sustainability
  • Scalability
  • Fast launch
  • Full service provision
  • Ease of liaison & information exchange
Come and Find Out How Your Winery Can Grow with Benchmark Email
Benchmark Email’s Winery Email Marketing Solution is designed to maximize and optimize any winery's email campaigns.

There has never been a specialized email campaign service for wineries that can compare to our combination of award-winning features, high-value affordability along with a plan conceived, engineered, and implemented especially for the winery industry. If you're ready to take your email campaign out of dormancy and avoid fiascos which draw off sales, while extracting the benefits and harvesting the results of a thoroughly fortified and vigorous marketing scion, decant the Benchmark Email Winery Service Package to help your business bloom... or risk withering on the vine.