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Marketing Goals

Benchmark’s Winery Email Marketing

Whether a winery is marketing a $1,500 bottle of Petrus Pomerol 1998 or a jug of Two Buck Chuck, it is imperative that the specific goals be visualized and the email campaign be tailored to suit. Marketing to an audience that can range from the oenophile who can identify the tannins from the north slope to the customer who only understands a choice of red or white takes a realistic and actionable plan separated into short and long term achievements.

Short Term Goals
What can be expected from a proper, full-scale email marketing implementation in terms of immediate, short-term results:

Encourage new customers
Same quarter sales
Stimulate horizontal label choices
Word of mouth
Long Term Goals
What a winery may expect from engaging in a comprehensive set of email marketing campaigns over the longer term:

Brand loyalty
Competitive position
Horizontal label expansion
Market segment dominance
Reinforced propriety of customer choices
Year on year sales
The advantages of a coherent email campaign for the marketing of your wine brand are powerful and compelling. As will now become clear, they are also extremely challenging.


The factors that must be considered when embarking on an email campaign are numerous. Failing to carry out any one of them can not only cripple the efficiency of your entire marketing campaign, but might even open your winery up to the possibility of serious legal charges.