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Success with Segmentation

Benchmark’s Winery Email Marketing

Boutique vineyards with just a couple of planted acres must segment just as carefully as the large-scale wineries, which produce a dozen varietals for international distribution. It is a predominant misconception in the winery industry that a consumer who prefers a Cabernet Sauvignon will differ from the Rheinriesling buyer, and that is all the list segmentation that is required. When winery marketing data is analyzed, it is usually found that there are countless segmentations that can be performed on the list, including demographic, psychographic, behavior, and lifecycle factors: Therefore a mature, upper income Cabernet drinker will have much more in common with a Riesling purchaser in the same income and age bracket than they would with a young, inner-city Cabernet enthusiast.
Vary the Content
With relatively few wineries segmenting their lists at all, the industry is generally complacent about targeting their content and tends to believe that a universal content is satisfactory. Segmentation analysis can lead to a deeper comprehension of your audience and you should craft your content according to each characteristic.
Review Personal Information
A winery should collect as much demographic data on its prospects as feasible and use each piece of information to its fullest extent. Ample opportunities can be derived by analyzing behavioral and demographic segmenting.
Accumulate More Data
Once you have established your brand's credibility with your customer, they may feel comfortable in sharing more personal information, which you can apply to laser-target your segmentation efforts.
Convert and Sell
Lists may be segmented based on the conversion or purchase history. Keep in mind that conversions are not necessarily purchases but interest shown, which may likely lead to future buying.
Review Their Activity
What a customer does once they receive your email can be a considerable boon to your segmentation efforts. You can review basic metrics such as open and click-through rates to determine their individual behaviors and appeal to those specifically.