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Get Started with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Perfect for any entrepreneur looking to begin using marketing automation. No experience necessary!

Save time and send more timely, personalized messages with Marketing Automation. Design, manage and execute sales and marketing strategies by automating the tasks and processes of scheduling, sending and tracking marketing campaigns based on the actions that subscribers take on an email campaign and your website.

What you’ll learn:

  • Is Marketing Automation the same as Email Marketing?
  • The benefits of Marketing Automation
  • Automating your sales funnel
  • A step by step process for creating an automation


Day Region Speaker
Wednesday Worldwide Robert Schweickert Save a Seat

How to Create a Welcome Series

How to Create a Welcome Series

Every marketer should have at least one automation. Enter the Welcome Series.

A Welcome Series provides a warm greeting and a unified experience for all new subscribers. It’s a great way to introduce a new lead to your brand and to prime them to become loyal customers.

What you’ll learn:

  • Importance of a Welcome Series.
  • Benefits of Automating your Welcome Series.
  • How to build a Welcome Series that will impress your subscribers.
  • How to use Automation Pro.


Day Region Speaker
Starting soon Worldwide Robert Schweickert Save a Seat

Multiple times are available

Email Marketing Crash Course

Want to learn more about Benchmark and the best ways to optimize your email marketing campaigns? In this webinar, we’ll cover creating campaigns in our drag & drop editor, uploading contact lists and much more. Learn from our region specific experts and how it applies to your audience.

What you'll learn:

  • Onboarding: techniques from signup forms to list segmentation
  • Engagement: build customer loyalty with automations, RSS Emails and more
  • ROI: maximize success by learning how to react to your reports and using A/B testing


Day Region Speaker
Thursday USA Robert Schweickert Save a Seat

Multiple times are available

Target Marketing: How to Hit your Bullseye

Daniel Miller & Chris Hackney

Benchmark teams up with Chris Hackney, COO of InsightPool, to give tips and solid techniques for zeroing in on your target audience.

Daniel Miller

Marketing Director

Daniel has helped businesses from kitchen table operations to large enterprises find the most effective email marketing strategies for their business. He is an education enthusiast and is falling in love with the art of Argentine Tango.

Robert Schweickert

Customer Engagement Specialist

Think of Robert as your bridge to the wealth of resources offered by Benchmark. As a Customer Engagement Specialist, he helps marketers pave a road to success with insider knowledge of automation, practical strategies and campaign performance optimization. Join him as he hosts various Webinars brought to you by Benchmark and furthers your quest for ongoing customer engagement.

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