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Mobile Email Marketing

Send Campaigns from the palm of your hands!

The Benchmark iPhone App gives you email marketing on the go, wherever you are, whenever you want, all at the slide of your fingertips - and it's included free with all Benchmark Web plans!

Free now in the


  • Dual Access
    Email contacts & reports can be viewed from both web & iPhone
  • Email Blasts
    10 simple iPhone-exclusive templates for quick email blasts
  • Send Videos
    Integrate your YouTube account to send video emails
  • Dual Uploads
    Contacts added to the web or App will automatically upload in both locations
  • Send Drafts
    Full campaigns created & saved on the web can be sent via iPhone
  • iPad Compatible
    Use in 2x mode on your iPad

Signup for a Benchmark Email account today and get mobile email marketing for free!

Your current email plan carries over to the iPhone, so when you sign up for the app, all of your contacts will be available to you. And contacts uploaded to one will automatically populate in the other. The iPhone app also comes with 10 exclusive templates for express sending.

Your contacts are limited only by your current plan or free trial. You can create custom, professional newsletters and then save them as drafts to later send via iPhone. And whether you sign on to the web or your iPhone, you can count on all of Benchmark's award-winning analytics and guaranteed delivery rates.

Start a free trial today and then sign in to your iPhone App with your Benchmark login. Then you can enjoy the power of email marketing anywhere you go!