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PieSync Integration for Benchmark Email

Integrate with tons of other web services.

With the PieSync integration, you can integrate your CRM, eCommerce and many other cloud apps into your email marketing. Now your Benchmark account is more powerful than ever.

See the great companies the PieSync integration will allow you to connect with:




PieSync creates a 2-way, real-time connection that stays up-to-date once it is set. Integrations created with PieSync monitor your apps to see when an update is needed and will then sync all new data. You can also designate which tool is your master database, so you don’t have to fear overwriting incorrect or outdated information. You can determine which direction the sync goes, set filters to focus on specific segments of your list and even decide whether or not to sync deletions and unsubscribes.

Initial Set up

When you create your PieSync account you will automatically be on the 14 Day free trial plan. During this trial, you can create unlimited connections and sync unlimited contacts. When the 14-day trial expires, all active connections will be suspended until the account is upgraded to a paid plan or you upgrade to their Forever Plan. The Forever Plan allows you to sync 2,000 contacts for free ($19 value) per month. This plan is offered explicitly to our Benchmark users, who sign up to PieSync using the Benchmark interface, Click Here to learn more.

Integration Is Fast & Easy:

  • No download necessary
  • Automatically add leads to your Benchmark Email lists
  • Create quality engagement with the power of email marketing