Any marketer worth their salt knows, or is willing to search for, the tools they need to make them the best at what they do.

If they’re practical, like we know the marketers who choose Benchmark are, then they find a way to integrate those tools whenever possible.

Introducing the Benchmark Email PieSync Integration

Enter the Benchmark Email PieSync integration. They’ve built a 2-way data sync to all the other cloud-based apps you’re putting to work for your business.

That’s right! Now there’s a way to connect all the tools you use to help your business thrive. PieSync enables a 2-way, real-time data sync between your cloud-based tools and apps and Benchmark Email. Boost all of your efforts with the power of email marketing.

No more spending too much valuable time exporting and importing lists to and from your Benchmark Email account. PieSync helps you to maintain one, unified database across all platforms. This allows you to focus on the tasks that matter, knowing that this is going to happen automatically.

PieSync monitors your apps to see when an update is needed and will then sync all new data. You can also designate which tool is your master database, so you don’t have to fear overwriting incorrect or outdated information.

What to Integrate

You should take any and every opportunity available to integrate your business apps with your Benchmark account.

  • CRM. If you’re maintaining a CRM database, you’re doing most of the list management work required for successful email marketing. PieSync will ensure your email lists are up-to-date and in sync with your CRM. Use automation in your email account to create effective customer journeys.
  • eCommerce. You can send email follow-ups to customers from the moment they make a purchase. Inform them of related items and accessories or when it’s time to buy more with the right automated campaign.
  • Form builders. If you’re gathering data and email addresses with a form builder, you can send those lists directly to your email marketing account.  Send a Welcome Email, make good on the promo code your form promised and more.

What Do You Integrate?

Let us know what tools and apps you combine with your email marketing to boost your business!