Should I be doing email marketing or [insert latest marketing channel here]?

I’m sure you’ve heard, or asked, some variation of that question dozens of times.

Our answer to every version of that question is the same: email marketing is never an either/or situation. You should combine email with all your marketing channels and business tools to maximize the power of each channel or tool.

When all are working together, in the same direction, to further the narrative of your brand, your email marketing (and everything else) will be the most powerful.

That’s why you should be integrating your email marketing account with everything else your business is using to help your business thrive.

Well, folks. We have some good news.

Sync 2,000 Contacts with your Benchmark Account for Free

Sync 2,000 Contacts with your Benchmark Account for Free

Our new partnership with PieSync will allow you to connect your email marketing account with 100+ business tools and apps … totally free!

This is a special offer for Benchmark Email users that will allow you to sync up to 2,000 contacts with your email marketing account at no extra cost.

That means if you’re collecting email address in your other business tools and apps, you can sync up to 2,000 of them with your email marketing account.

Using PieSync with a different ESP, it would cost you $19/month to do.

If your list is growing rapidly and you want to exceed the 2,000 contact limit, that’s a good problem to have! PieSync will automatically upgrade your account, so you don’t suffer a workflow interruption.

Save Time and Do More Powerful Email Marketing

Your time is valuable. Don’t spend it needlessly exporting and importing lists to and from your Benchmark Email account.

PieSync helps you to maintain one, unified database across all platforms. This allows you to focus on the tasks that matter, knowing that this is going to happen automatically.

By connecting your CRM, eCommerce, administrative apps and beyond, you can make sure all of your business tools and apps are working together to boost your business.

With these connections, you can create automated follow-ups based on each tool and make it relevant to those customers. These automations can be triggered when someone is added to a list or by different behaviors and interactions with your email campaigns, website or other business tools and touch points.

For example, if you’re using a CRM, you can add new leads and prospects to a specific list. When they’re added, it can trigger an automation to send aimed at converting them to customers.

Or, if you’re using a tool for customer support, you can trigger automations to say after you’ve closed a ticket. You can request a review of the support agent’s performance or a customer testimonial if they’re pleased with your service.

It works both ways too!

If you have a signup form on various parts of your website, you can feed those contacts from your Benchmark Email account into your CRM to make sure they’re getting the appropriate follow-up.

What is PieSync?

It’s an integration with your Benchmark Email account that allows you to connect all the tools you use to help your business thrive.

PieSync enables a 2-way, real-time data sync between your cloud-based tools and apps and Benchmark Email.

Since a lot of contact information will be moving back and forth, you can rest easy as PieSync is GDPR compliant.

How does it work?

After you create the connection between your Benchmark Email account and another business tool or app, PieSync will automatically check to make sure your lists are up-to-date.

You can set which of your lists is the master database, and you can choose between 1-way and 2-way directional syncing.

For details on how to integrate your Benchmark Email account with PieSync, we’ve created a helpful FAQ.

What’s Required to Take Advantage of This Special PieSync Partnership?

It’s pretty simple and straightforward!

Well, you’ll need to have at least one verified email address in your Benchmark Email account settings. If you’re already sending emails, you’ve already done this step.

You’ll also be required to have at least one contact list in your Benchmark Email account. After all, what would you be syncing your contacts to without a list in your email marketing account?

This one might seem obvious, but the contact data you’re trying to sync must include an email address. This special partnership is amazing, but it’s not going to scrawl drawings on a cave or send smoke signals for your contacts without email addresses.

Wrapping Up

So, you’ll know the answer next time someone asks you if you should be doing email marketing or anything else.

Don’t just laugh at them. That’d be rude. We’re all clueless email marketers at one time or another.

No. Tell them about how much more powerful email marketing and every other business tool are when you connect them to work together.

If they ask for more information, tell them all about Benchmark Email’s amazing partnership with PieSync that lets you sync up to 2,000 contacts at no cost to your business.

Have you been successful with integrating other business tools and apps with your email marketing account? Share your stories, tips and more in the comments below!