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Remove Dangerous Addresses From Your  Email List 

Get to the inbox with Benchmark. Your first list verification is free.

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Follow These 3 Steps

1. Upgrade from your free plan.

Pro and Enterprise plans up to 200,000 contacts are eligible for a free, one-time list verification. Additional lists may be verified for $3 per 1,000 contacts.

2. Upload your contact list.

You can verify a list up to the size of the contact limit of your plan for free, up to 200,000 contacts. For instance, if you are on a Pro 50,000 plan, you can verify a list of up to 50,000 contacts one time for free.

3. Request your free verification.

Reach out to support to request your free one-time verification. You can use the in-app chat, email, or submit a request.

What is List Verification?

List Verification is the process of removing undeliverable or dangerous emails from your list. Without List Verification, you could be in jeopardy of harming your sending reputation.

When you upload your list into our system, it will go through our List Sampling process, in which our system checks for undeliverable emails.

Based on the results, the list is either rejected or approved. You can send with confidence knowing that the emails on your list are free of undeliverable emails and spam traps.