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The Simple Recipe for Scaling Your Agency

Become a Benchmark Agency Partner

Ready to soar? Your expertise plus Benchmark's email marketing and marketing automation tools is a recipe for success.

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How does the Benchmark Agency Program work?

The Benchmark Agency Program is, above all, a strategy to scale your agency's business. It allows you to offer packaged digital marketing solutions that, when combined with your services, will bring you greater profits.

Discounts? Certainly! We assist you from the beginning. You can choose between a -25% DISCOUNT if you work with a Master Account (Agency) and Subaccounts (Clients) or a 25% COMMISSION if your clients pay for their own plan.

Enrich Your Service Offering. Increase Your Revenue.

Extend email marketing services to your customers and grow your retainer revenue every month. Manage email marketing campaigns for your clients and resell a powerfully simple email marketing platform as your agency soars above the rest.


Perks That Put the Fun Back in Growing Your Agency

Focus on the Creative Work You Love


Recurring Income

Package Benchmark's email marketing platform with your email marketing services to generate predictable monthly revenue.


Exclusive Discounts

It's easy to resell Benchmark to your clients and earn. Receive a 30% ongoing discount or commission for every client you sign.


Reseller Tools

Leave the marketing to us! We'll provide you with the assets you need to attract new clients and turn current clients into Benchmark customers.


Client Management

Unlock agency-focused tools within Benchmark's app. Track clients in your client dashboard and ensure you're generating results every month.



Receive commissions on individual client accounts, or get a discount by purchasing a master account - whatever suites your model best!


Dedicated Support

You have a partner in Benchmark. Our email marketing experts have years of experience and are dedicated to helping you and your clients succeed.

Offer Your Clients Better Tools & Better Results

A master account to manage them all

Manage each clients’ marketing actions in its corresponding Sub-Account.

Share any campaign, image or list with the Sub-Accounts and keep them securely stored.

And if your clients are independent...

You can also link the client’s account with your agency account and access it with your credentials.


Frequently Asked Questions

You will get a 30% discount on the Master Account Plan (for Plans of 100,000 contacts or above). Sub Accounts have access to all Premium features and the cost is billed to your Master Account, which must have a minimum of 1,000 contacts Plan.

Become our partner!

The agency program is designed and tailored for all agencies that manage their clients' email marketing campaigns. Gain benefits by becoming a Benchmark partner.

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