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Email Marketing Video Library

Get the most out of Benchmark with these quick and easy-to-follow video tutorials

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How to Create Your 1st Email

Quick Overviews

Create and send your first email using our drag & drop builder!

How to View Your Email Reports

Quick Overviews

Benchmark Email gives you real-time reports on all of your emails. This quick overview will show you how it’s done!


Feature Highlights

Learn how to successfully navigate the Benchmark Email user interface.

An Email In Under 90 Seconds?

Feature Highlights

We accepted the challenge, but could it really be done? Let’s see a great looking email being created in just under 90 seconds.

Small Embed Forms

Quick Overviews

Easily create a small embed form that you can place virtually anywhere such as Facebook, WordPress, JimDoh and your own website.

Automation Lite Overview

Quick Overviews

This overview demonstrates how easy it is to use our Automation Lite feature. The Automation Lite feature can send emails based on 3 different triggers. Send an email to all new signups using the trigger “Send emails when contact is added to a list.” Keep your automation short or set up a sequence of emails to go out based on the schedule you select.

Automation Pro Overview

Quick Overviews

Automation Pro is a tool that allows you to create and automate customer journeys. Create pathways to convert leads into customers or to re-engage with lost customers, based on emails they open and click on or pages they visit on your website.

Engagement Automation

Quick Overviews

In this advanced tutorial, we take you through the steps of creating powerful sales funnels using automated emails based on opens, clicks, and more.

A Tour of the Email Designer

Feature Highlights

Come take a spin of our drag & drop editor and you’ll be creating beautiful emails that stand out in your subscriber’s inbox in no time!

Preview Text

Feature Highlights

Reinforce your subject lines and improve your campaign open rate using preview text. Learn this and more in two easy steps.

Adjust Text Spacing & Line Height

Quick Overviews

Our drag & drop editor makes it very easy to change the space between lines of text, and this video shows you how.

Merge Tags

Quick Overviews

Add greetings & personalized messages, link to surveys and more in your campaigns!

RSS Emails

Quick Overviews

Send automated emails with links to your latest blog posts.

Plain Text Emails

Email Campaigns

Using the drag & drop editor and plain text editor, you’ll learn about the formatting differences between simple emails and plain text emails.

Email Code Editor

Feature Highlights

The Benchmark Email code editor lets you create beautiful emails from scratch or paste in a previously created HTML code.

Create an Easy AB Test

Quick Overviews

Optimize your campaign’s open rate by running a quick subject line test.

Social Media Integrations

Email Campaigns

Connect your social media to email campaigns and sign up forms by adding social buttons, using special edition template and utilizing our apps.


Email Campaigns

Put your emails online with their own individual web addresses.

Add Contacts Quickly

Quick Overviews

Quickly add contacts directly from your email dashboard manually or via cut & paste.

Import Contact List from a file

Quick Overviews

This tutorial helps you import lists from other resources.

Copy & Paste Contacts

Quick Overviews

Copy addresses from other sources & paste them into your Benchmark lists.

Add Individual Contacts

Quick Overviews

See how to manually add a person’s email address & contact info.

Segmenting Lists

Quick Overviews

See how simple it is to create segmented lists.

Facebook Signup Forms

Contact List Management

Adding signup forms to Facebook is actually quite easy and doing so can help build your audience with targeted precision.


Feedback Tools

Gain valuable feedback when you easily create, send or post online surveys.


Feedback Tools

Discover how to create & post your own customized online polls.

How to use AB Testing

Quick Overviews

Test multiple variables in a your campaign, including what time of day gets the most opens and more!

How to Create a Targeted List

Quick Overviews

Take your contact lists to the next level by using our Targeted List feature. Create lists based on your contacts’ email interaction level, such as opens, unopens, and URL clicks.

Resend Tool

Feedback Tools

Use this little tool to resend an email to newly added contacts since the email went out, or re-market to those who missed your message in their inbox.

Inbox Checker

Feature Highlights

Test and view how your email will look in different mobile, desktop and web email clients.

Learn how to create a Landing page with Benchmark

Quick Overviews

Learn how to create your own landing page in just a few easy steps. Whether you’re creating a short or long purpose page, Benchmark has you covered.

Growing your list with Signup Forms

Getting Started

Growing an email contact list is easy! You can start by placing a signup form on your website, Facebook page, or blog. This quick overview shows you all your options and more.

How to Add Your Benchmark CNAME in Your Hosting Service

Quick Overviews

To publish a landing page, you’ll first need to add your Benchmark CNAME to your hosting service. Check out the video.

Creating GDPR Compliant Signup Forms

Marketing Strategy

Adapt Your Email Marketing Strategy to the GDPR with Benchmark

Jump to Feature from Automation Pro


You don’t have to recreate all the steps! Use the Jump to node to move contacts from one node to another node in your automation, helping you to save time.

How to Create a Signup Form

Quick Overviews

Learn how easy it is to create signup forms with Benchmark, and start collecting new subscribers today!

Attract More Leads with Landing Pages

Feature Highlight

Easily create professional landing pages that will help you grow your subscriber list by combining the power of landing pages and email marketing.

Importing Your First Contacts

Quick Overviews

Learn how to create a list and import contacts to your Benchmark account.

How to Set Up Email Domain Authentication

Setting up email domain authentication removes the original sender’s domain from your email domain, helps improve email inbox delivery, and helps create a safe sending reputation.

WordPress Overview 3.0

Quick Overviews

Supercharge your WordPress blog with signup forms, and send your blog posts out as formatted email campaigns.