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Work Smarter, Not Harder with Smart Content

Quickly generate fresh email copy to fuel your email campaigns with the help of Smart Content, email copywriting AI.


Generate new ideas to keep email copy fresh.

Looking for a new reason to touch base with your audience? Use Smart Content to get a fresh take on evergreen topics. With AI copywriting in your toolkit, you always have something new to say to your audience.

Get the most out of existing content.

Your existing content aligns with your messaging and value proposition. The only problem is - you’ve already sent it to your audience! Instead of starting from scratch, turn existing email copy into new content with a click.


Overcome the anxiety of a blank page.

Committing to the first few keystrokes can be the toughest part of copywriting. Smart Content removes the blank page hurdle. Simply add a few ideas to generate email copy quickly. Then let the fun begin as you mold new content into snappy email copy that converts.


Send relevant, personalized emails at scale.

The best email campaigns anticipate customer needs in advance. But creating personalized email copy can be time-consuming. Let Smart Content do the heavy lifting so you can take a theme and personalize it to unique segments in your list - in a jiff.


Never run out of fuel for your email marketing engine.

Getting noticed in a crowded inbox is challenging. With Smart Content, you can easily write email copy for a/b testing, generate hyper-personalized content, or connect new ideas to a new audience. Create engaging email copy faster so your email campaigns never run out of steam.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

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