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The Best Alternative to Mailchimp: Benchmark Email

One of the worst decisions a marketer can
make is to select a tool that doesn’t provide
what is needed or overpay for software loaded
with unnecessary bells and whistles.


Not every email marketer wants or needs the same thing.

When it comes down to goals, capacity, and budget, some opt for a full-service suite while others prefer a simple, affordable tool that offers the basics. So, to eliminate the confusion, over-spending, heartache, and time wasted, we’re breaking down why Benchmark Email is the best alternative to Mailchimp.


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Pro Plan pricing table

Contact Monthly Email Sends Price
500 Unlimited $15
2600 Unlimited $35
5000 Unlimited $68
10000 Unlimited $89
20000 Unlimited $138
30000 Unlimited $218
40000 Unlimited $258
40000 Unlimited $259

Standard Plan pricing table

Contact Monthly Email Sends Price
500 6000 $15
2500 30000 $35
5000 60000 $68
10000 120000 $89
20000 240000 $138
30000 360000 $218
40000 420000 $258
40000 600000 $259

The Top 3 Reasons Marketers are Switching to Benchmark Email:


1. Enterprise Features Without The EnterPrice.

Mailchimp’s pricing plan can quickly go from expensive to overpriced once you start creating different email marketing campaigns and audiences. With Benchmark Email, you get all the features you love at the best price in the industry.

Never get priced out of an effective email solution again. Whether you’re a large sender looking for an affordable send-based plan or a team of one with a shoestring budget, you have options with Benchmark Email.

We pride ourselves on making our tool extremely accessible financially, with our paid plans starting at just $10.50 a month. We also offer a free plan for users that need some basic email marketing and automation.


2. The Simplest Email Marketing Automation

So often the ones creating the email campaigns don’t have a graphic design degree, nor do they have a graphic designer in-house who is readily available. This is why we built our email marketing software to be extremely easy to use.

Our drag and drop email builder means you can create a beautiful, on-brand email in just under ten minutes. Our tool is so intuitive that you can bop between email campaigns, manage your email lists, and check your reporting dashboard without digging through a complex interface.

With the world’s most intuitive marketing automation tool, the complexity of automation isn’t even a factor for marketers. Benchmark Email’s Automation Pro allows you to send automated email campaigns triggered by website and email engagement. Always reach out to the right person, with the right message, at the right time!


3. World Class Worldwide Support

Nothing is worse than hitting a snag and being left to your own devices. We never want to leave our customers high and dry, which is why we offer premium customer support via phone, chat, and email. We also have a designated email engagement specialist for all of our
We understand how important it is to speak to a live person and get your questions answered quickly!

Our award-winning support doesn’t stop there. We have a knowledge base chock full of Benchmark Email tips, guides, videos, and how-to’s so our users have everything they need to get the most out of our software.

Our team of experts will help you identify improvements in your email marketing strategies to increase engagement with your subscribers. You’ll never be alone.

Is it time to make
the switch?

“As a new user to emailing lists, automations, etc., Benchmark has been incredibly user-friendly, simple and I actually switched over from Mailchimp and much prefer it!”


Name: Nikita G.
Title: Owner in the Health
Industry: Wellness and fitness Industry

Open premium plans includes the following:


Pricing based on number of contacts


Unlimited monthly email sends


No charge for unsubscribes


Multistep automation


Unlimited audiences


All premium features


No hidden fees


And we'll never increase your
monthly price!

Trusted by Thousands


Benchmark has made it a quick and easy process for us to create professional looking emails to keep our customers and interested parties engaged.”

— Gavin Wieske, Marketing Manager | Sandbox.


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