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The Best Alternative to Mailchimp: Benchmark Email

Wouldn’t life be a lot easier with a simple to use email marketing platform that provides users with great customer service? What if it also cost 16% less than Mailchimp? Meet Benchmark Email!

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Benchmark Email vs Mailchimp: Pricing Comparison

A good marketer is always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase ROI. If you arrived at this page, you’re probably thinking: which one of this email platforms is cheaper? As you can see on the table below, there’s a clear winner on this topic! Benchmark Email plans are between up to 25% cheaper than Mailchimp’s.

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Contact Monthly Email Sends Price
500 7,500 $15
2,500 37,500 $35
5,000 75,000 $58
10,000 150,000 $89
25,000 375,000 $169
40,000 600,000 $258
50,000 750,000 $279
75,000 1,125,000 $389
100,000 1,500,000 $449
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Standard Plan pricing table

Contact Monthly Email Sends Price
500 6,000 $20
2,500 30,000 $60
5,000 60,000 $100
10,000 120,000 $135
25,000 300,000 $310
40,000 480,000 $410
50,000 600,000 $450
75,000 900,000 $630
100,000 1,200,000 $800
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Hear from our Customers: Why is Benchmark the Best Mailchimp Alternative

Pricing might not be your only concern. If you’re having a hard time with Mailchimp’s complicated set of tools, or you’re disappointed with their lack of customer support, you’ve come to the right place! Listen to what Noel, a former Mailchimp customer, has to say about her experience after moving to Benchmark:

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Need More Information?

Read our in-depth comparison of Mailchimp vs Benchmark Email here!

The Top 3 Reasons Marketers are Switching to Benchmark Email

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1. All the features your business needs

With Benchmark Email, you’ll never get priced out of an effective email solution again.

We pride ourselves on making our tool financially accessible, with our paid plans starting at just $9.99 a month. We also offer a free for life plan for users that are looking for some basic email marketing and automation capabilities.

All that savings doesn’t come at the expense of sending power. We offer affordable send-based plans for the email marketer with large email lists, and our contact-based plans offer 25% more sending capacity than Mailchimp’s plans.

Mailchimp’s pricing plan can go from expensive to overpriced in a heartbeat. But, with Benchmark Email, you’ll get all the features you need at cost that’s budget friendly.

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2. Easy Onboarding Process

We know how complicated it is to move from one email platform to another. But with Benchmark Email, there’s no exhausting training necessary. We’re with our users every step of the way as they learn our platform and become experts in no time.

Our drag and drop email editor allows users to send their first email campaign in less than 15 minutes. We also have hundreds of email templates that make creating an email as simple and straightforward as possible.

With Benchmark Email, there’s no need to learn programming. Our users can design beautiful landing pages and email signup forms without touching a single line of code.

Our intuitive software provides users with the tools necessary to create and send emails in minutes so they can start capitalizing on the benefits of email marketing immediately.

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3. Personalized customer support

"When it comes to customer care, some email marketing platforms fall short. At Benchmark Email, our award winning customer support team never leaves a user hanging. We’re with them every step of the way, be it to get them out of an email marketing bind, learn a new feature, or to answer any email-related questions they may have.

We meet our users where they are. Our customer success team is available to assist via email, live chat, and phone. And with offices in 15 different regions, we’re available whenever you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

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Need more information? Read our in-depth comparison of Mailchimp vs Benchmark Email here!

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“As a new user to emailing lists, automations, etc., Benchmark has been incredibly user-friendly, simple and I actually switched over from Mailchimp and much prefer it!”


Name: Nikita G.
Title: Owner in the Health
Industry: Wellness and fitness Industry

Benchmark Email paid plans include features like:

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Pricing based on number of contacts

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Unlimited monthly email sends

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No charge for unsubscribes

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Multistep automation

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Unlimited audiences

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All premium features

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No hidden fees

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And we'll never increase your
monthly price!

More than 500.000 users around the world

Customer testimonial

Benchmark has made it a quick and easy process for us to create professional looking emails to keep our customers and interested parties engaged.”

— Gavin Wieske, Marketing Manager | Sandbox.

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