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Keep your style in sync with Brand Kit

With Brand Kit, your emails look on-brand and on-point every time. Sign up for a free account to create your own Brand Kit.

Never hunt for your logo again.

With Brand Kit, the logo of your choice is always easily accessible from the image gallery. No more stalling design to track down the logo you use for email marketing campaigns.

Keep brand colors at your fingertips.

There's nothing more tedious than searching for your brand color hex codes to copy/paste. With Brand Kit, your chosen colors are always available to you in your color picker.


Instantly train Smart Design, our email design AI tool.

With Smart Design + Brand Kit, your email campaign designs are on-brand and aligned to your goals. Let our AI do the heavy lifting on design and content, while you add the final touches.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sign up for a free account to try out Brand Kit.