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Marketing automation that's personal

Easily nurture B2B relationships with BenchmarkONE

Automation Simplified with BenchmarkONE

Email marketing is integral to the success of any business. But as you grow, automation can up your game by standardizing customer journeys and automating workflows. BenchmarkONE (a Polaris Software company) is here to take your marketing to the next level.


Stay Relevant with Campaigns

Stay in their hearts - and in their inbox - with automated drip campaigns. Send your leads targeted, timely emails over time to add value and shorten their path to conversion.


Give Hot Leads Priority

Hounding cold leads that aren't ready to buy is frustrating - and time consuming. Instead, BenchmarkONE alerts you when hot prospects exhibit buying behavior, like reaching a tag score, clicking a specific link, or visiting a conversion page on your website.

Know Where to Invest

Reporting shows you which channels are generating the most leads and customers. Make intelligent adjustments to spend and scale revenue - not resources.


Marketing Automation Resources

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Find More Customers with BenchmarkONE

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