Is it Thursday already? That must mean it’s time to stop by, tune in, and check out Benchmark’s latest email marketing manual. Email Marketing Best Practices and Trends: 2011 Edition is the next step in crafting strategic email campaigns, picking up where our beginner’s manual, How to Start Email Marketing, left off. Having introduced readers to the basics, Best Practices and Trends delves straight into the advanced tenets of email marketing.

Are you ready to break away from spam traps and deliver a timely welcome message to your subscribers, get in the address book and stay there? Create familiarity with landing pages that guide the visitor via simple click-throughs and stirring calls to action? Engage and retain users with drip marketing campaigns targeted by engagement level? Increase brand awareness of your small business by combining email campaigns with social media? All of that and an examination of 2011’s current trends awaits you in our latest email marketing manual. As always, each Benchmark Email manual can be viewed directly from our site and as a free, downloadable PDF.