Back when the return of the Heart of Business was just a seed of an idea, Jack Wrigley was due for a trip Benchmark HQ for some email list verification training with Kickbox, and I knew we had to ask him to be a guest.

I mention it in the podcast, but I first became aware of Jack via the Only Influencers community. The Cubs fan in me naturally gravitated to the fact that he shares his surname with my favorite place to watch a baseball game.

Since then, all of us at Benchmark Email have enjoyed a professional relationship with Jack and Kickbox. We’ve co-hosted webinars, guest blogged for one another and just enjoyed getting to know that whole team as people.

It was a treat to talk to Jack, not just about Kickbox and email list verification, but the lessons he learned as an entrepreneur, working with startups and more.

There will come a point that even if you think you have the coolest thing since sliced bread, and you leave that desk job, there will come a point when stuff isn’t working. There will come a point when the income isn’t coming in and you’re trying to figure out how to pay your rent. There will come a point when your kids want to, you know, go to soccer camp and you’re like, ‘how do I pay for that?’ Right? There will come a point. And the difference between someone that has that DNA versus someone who doesn’t…the difference is at that critical moment it’s whether you give up, because you can’t handle it … or you persevere and you punch through it.

This was recorded back in November, and you may hear some of that in the episode. We had to wait to put together a content schedule for the Heart Of Business.

  • 3:07 – How he adjusted to joining a new industry and how to use what you already know
  • 5:20 – All about Kickbox and email list verification
  • 8:36 – On lessons learned about startups
  • 15:00 – Talking about how email marketing has evolved
  • 19:20 – The entrepreneurial spirit