As marketers, we have a lot of bases to cover. The touchpoints that make up your complete marketing plan are often numerous. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to make sure that as many of those channels are working together to maximize your time and effort. Enter Benchmark Email Integrations. We understand you’re using many other tools to support your business and its marketing initiatives. That’s why we’re constantly working to add to the list of integrations that allow you to boost your other marketing efforts with the power of email marketing. This month, we’re excited to announce new integrations with Wufoo, as well as several CRM and eCommerce tools, which includes BigCommerce, 3DCart, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Lemonstand, SugarCRM and Volusion.

Let’s take a look at how each of these integrations can be used to achieve greater marketing efficiency.


With Wufoo, you’ve likely already installed forms on your website or social media pages, sent online surveys or created event registration pages. Use the data you’re already collecting and build your email lists by pulling the data from your forms with this integration.

CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Sugar CRM

Using a CRM tool allows you to paint the picture of who are your customers. Doing so allows you to send the most relevant and targeted marketing campaigns possible. The new integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sugar CRM allow you to import your customer management data to your email account. Securely connect your CRM and email marketing to maintain engagement with your customers and prospects.

eCommerce: BigCommerce, 3DCart, Lemonstand & Volusion

In many cases, your hottest leads are your current customers. Email marketing remains one of the best channels to stay top of mind with your customers and keep them engaged. The new integrations with BigCommerce, 3DCart, Lemonstand and Volusion allow you to automatically add customers to your email marketing list when they purchase through your eCommerce store. Use these integrations to keep customers in the purchase cycle, loyal and engaged.