Almost everything can be done online these days, and shopping is no exception. Purchasing items with just a click of a button is fast becoming the primary way to shop, and that’s why e-Commerce websites should be a business owner’s way of expanding his business. Just because customers are taking their shopping online doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off and relax for the owner. Whatever it was about the store that drew customers in in the first place should also be found on the site. This should include design of the website, customer engagement, as well as incentives to return.

First of all, appearance is everything. We hear that it isn’t in day to day life, but when it comes to an online store, looks play a big part. Just like how you wouldn’t want to shopin a store that is plain, dusty-smelling, and has stains on the wall, you also wouldn’t want to shop on a website that looks barren, with bad Photoshop and broken links. The appearance of your site will directly affect how long your customers choose to remain on the site, so make it look pretty!

Second is customer engagement. It used to be where people just go online, buy, and then leave. Not anymore. Nowadays, people expect the same customer service online as they would in a store. Don’t you hate it when you are in a store shopping and you need assistance with reaching a sweater that is hung up really high, or want to grab a fitting room but there is no one to help you? Shopping experience instantly ruined. So make sure your e-commerce site has a customer service number or chat to assist your customers. Not only that, but also add some extra tidbits to make purchasing easier for them, i.e. shirts sizing charts, what to give as presents for certain holidays, etc.

Lastly, perks! We love it when after our cashier rings up our purchases and she slips a “10% off your next purchase” coupon into our shopping bag. Isn’t that one of the reasons why we keep coming back to our favorite stores, especially when our benefits will add up? Think of a way to show your customers your appreciation and give them an incentive to come back. Nobody can turn down a good discount.

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