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Email Marketing Resolutions

Get to Know Your Customers Better
How well do you know your customers? Are they truly happy with your products or services? Do they view your business as a dependable resource they can count on time and again, or merely as a means to an end? If you are having trouble answering these questions, one of your resolutions for the New Year should be a plan that involves taking time out to get to know your customers better. This is a feat that can be easily accomplished by simply incorporating a survey or poll in your email message, or including a link that directs them to the same type of questionnaires on your website.

Surveys and polls offer an easy way to acquire valuable feedback and improve the experience for your customers. It can help you uncover important information such as:

• How customers feel about your business.
• Where and how customers are using your products or services.
• What products or services you should be offering.
• What days, times, and frequency work best for the individual members of your audience.
• Which areas of your business or email campaigns are in need of improvement.

Understanding your customers is critical to improving retention, increasing conversions, and boosting your profits. The feedback you obtain from an email survey or poll can work wonders in terms of gathering opinions and measuring the satisfaction levels necessary to make sure you are maintaining strong relationships with your audience.
Seek Out and Make Use of Free Information Sources
Over the past 15 years, the internet has proven to be one of the most valuable resources known to man, in some ways rendering the traditional library branch obsolete. With improvements in network technology and bandwidth capacity, it is now capable of placing a wealth of information at your fingertips in a matter of seconds. And while there are several marketing experts and gurus using this enormous platform to give away their vast knowledge for a fee, there are also more than enough free resources at your disposal.

From list building techniques to writing effective email copy, just about everything you need to know about running your business successfully can be found online at absolutely no cost to you.  Below are just some of the many educational resources up for grabs:

• Niche blogs
• Discussion forums
• Q&A sites
• Video sharing communities
• Ezines and newsletters
• Article directories
• Search engines
• Support documentation published by your ESP

If the internet is the vehicle you rely on to drive consumers to your products or services, why not use it to stay educated and improve your business? With a little patience you can uncover information that helps you better understand your audience, what the competition is up to, and the marketing strategies that can enable you to maintain an edge in your industry.