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Targeting with Ads & PPC

Holiday Online Marketing

Targeting Holiday Ads
Testing is what separates the professionals from the amateurs in email and social media marketing, and ad copy including Pay Per Click (PPC) is no exception. Applying the various freely available tools such as Google's AdWords Editor and Campaign Experiments can assist you in gathering the critical data you need to measure modifications to your seasonal keywords, ad groups, placements and bids. Similarly, Google Trends is a preferred resource that can help you identify seasonal terms to integrate into your PPC campaign. You will find that certain terms habitually increase in the fourth quarter of each year and those are the ones that have an established track record for being high in holiday demand.

Many online marketers have adopted the successful policy of adding a holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah or other seasonal term to their existing highly ranked keywords in order to target consumers' gift shopping. Another benefit of this strategy is that optimizing specific landing pages for these long-tail keywords can help your organic rankings. Creating a different PPC campaign for each phase of the holiday shopping season can help you target the various types of consumers. You can offer discounts for early shopping to bolster the launch of your seasonal promotions, and encourage last-minute shoppers that there is still time to secure express shipping in time to place the item under the tree.