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Set Email Marketing Goals

Automotive Dealership Marketing: Email Campaigns Driving Sales

Automotive Dealership Email Marketing Goals
Whether you are selling Maybachs or Mopeds, your particular email marketing goals should be clearly stated up front so that the entire email campaign may unfold in a coherent fashion. A strategically realistic action plan will allow you to market with equal efficiency to the entire breadth of your customer profile, from the car enthusiast who might know more about a particular vehicle than your best salesperson all the way down to the uninformed soccer mom who is shopping for her first minivan.
Short Term Goals
What can reasonably be expected from a full-scale, properly implemented auto-dealership email marketing campaign in a short time span:

Dealership recognition
Customer participation
Encourage brand switching
Extend online presence & authority
Same quarter sales
Word of mouth
Long Term Goals
What an automotive dealership may look forward to through the implementation of a comprehensive email campaign strategy over the longer run:

Dealership loyalty
Gaining competitive advantage
Higher traffic in all departments
Online authority translating to local market leadership
Increased manufacturer brand cooperation
Year on year sales

A successful email campaign can provide a considerable boon to your dealership's profile and bottom line results, but it is not anywhere near as simple as just writing a check to place your commercial on heavy rotation on the local television station. In order to administer an email marketing campaign that can achieve the breadth of your dealership's online goals, there are various aspects that need to be carefully and meticulously addressed.