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Inject Your Brand’s Personality

How to Write Email Subject Lines

As marketers, we all want subscribers to open and act on our message. And even though we are indeed working our email marketing strategy, getting them to take the desired action doesn’t always have to involve obvious marketing. A well crafted subject line that gives a friendly recommendation might be enough to get the recipient to open your message, read what you have to say, and proceed to the next step. Personalization is the name of the game here, and when used correctly, it can improve your performance dramatically.

Following are some simple ways you can add personality to your subject lines:

Establish Familiarity - Incorporating your brand's personality doesn't always have to involve highlighting the brand itself. For example, if the editor's column of your newsletter generates a lot of reaction, a simple subject line like "Your Company Newsletter: Solid Tips from Bob" could encourage a high number of opens from your audience who have come to recognize the brand from Bob's personality. They instantly know they can count on great tips in addition to his unique approach to the subject.
Solve Their Problem - If your audience is comprised of small business owners, maybe they are struggling to acquire new customers. In this case, a subject line like "Are You a Marketer Who Wants to Close More Deals?" could raise interest. Although you are posing this question to your entire audience, the business owners who really are having a tough time closing the deal will feel like you're talking to them personally.
Be Creative - There are plenty of creative ways to entice the subscriber to want to know more without coming out and asking them to open your message. For instance, if you operate a flower shop, "Save 25% on Assorted Roses" clearly expresses the benefit of reading your offer. Even if you only send this type of offer once a month, subscribers who have to come to know your brand for sending deals will recognize and open your message if they want to take advantage.

Email service providers and email marketing software programs make it incredibly easy to include the recipient’s name in the subject line. However, effective personalization goes far beyond greeting them by name. It’s more about being personal in your tone. People still love to receive email, and getting a message from someone they feel like they know is even better. You don’t have to know your subscribers like a friend to approach them on a personal level and talk to them like one.