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Bonzer HTML Templates from the Land of Oz!

Australia Day Email Templates

On the 26th of January, Australians celebrate their island continent and their heritage with awards, a speech from the Prime Minister, concerts, feasts, fireworks and tall ship races. And these are but a taste of the many events on this exceptional day of patriotic fun. A typical family of Aussies might decide to pack the car for a holiday picnic. It’s easy and you’re sure to rope a few mates to come along for the ride. Stop at a bottle shop for a cask and pack it in your esky. Prepare a cut lunch, biscuits, chook and a thermos for a cuppa later in the afternoon. You don’t need to worry about going out of pocket - just toss the food in the boot and find a nice crowded place near the harbor.

So if you or your subscribers find yourselves in the land of Oz this January, why not send a dinkum Australia Day Email Template! These dinki-dis are as sweet as lollies and something we can all barrack for!

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