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The Complete Guide to Email Marketing

What You Probably Don't Care About
Can we talk about the old days? Just for second, maybe? You don't care about it if it doesn't matter now? Good. Let's just sum it up like this: A few years back, you had to know a bit of HTML code to be effective at email marketing. Not anymore. You are paying for an email marketing service and that includes all that stuff on the back-end that you never wanted to learn in the first place. You didn't come to this experience because you wanted to bury your head in thick books about how to build properly formatted HTML newsletters that work across all email clients and servers. For most, just reading that sentence hurt.
Choosing the Right Service Frees You Up to Think
Although a good service will let you implement your own HTML code (if you have it or write it yourself), most people are happier to select from some good email templates; drag-n-drop in sections, logos, pictures or video; choose a font; and then hit send. It's easier to choose from designs rather than build it from code yourself. This lets you focus on what your customer really wants from you: pertinent content.
Your Content Creation, Step by Step
Now that we're past the design phase, let's take on your content decisions one by one, in the order you're likely to encounter them. The following pages are a mini-book on how to write great content that gets your newsletter past the spam filters, jumps them out of your customers' inboxes, and motivates people to do more business more often with your company.