Strengthening your SEO techniques is a key strategy for keeping readers coming to your blog or website. When people search for your topic of expertise, you want your website or blog to be in their top search results to maximize the chance that they will click on your web presence. Do these five things every day to improve your SEO techniques.

1) Education

Continue your education of SEO by reading influential blogs and publications. Sign up for RSS feeds of SEO news sites so you can have fresh material to read everyday. Even reading a few blog posts every morning will give you a better understanding and insight into the search engine optimization industry.

2) Research Writing Topics

You can see which topics are trending by visiting search engines to see what the top searches of the day have been. You can also set up Google alerts for important keywords to fully grasp all trending topics. Try to utilize current applicable content on your website each day. Everything should be updated on a weekly basis as a minimum. Find new articles and research that relate to your content and feature them as quick blog posts. For example, if your website is about dogs, search for news about dogs including scientific research, heartwarming stories or other headlines. You can even conduct new keyword research to use in your content in order to maximize the effectiveness of your writing efforts.

3) Consider Your Keywords

Keywords are a very important part of your SEO internet marketing plan. Your titles, subtitles and site headings should all reflect relevant keywords. Make these keywords as specific and unique as possible to distinguish your content from other websites. Both inbound and outbound keyword links are an important part of your SEO internet marketing strategy. Use links that take readers to your domain name but different pages as well as links that are off-site. Use good anchor text that includes keywords. Avoid the phrase “click here” for a link, as it has no SEO value.

4) Skip the Duplicate Content

Maybe you run a few blogs and you want to post the same content on all of them to save time and effort in keeping them updated. In terms of SEO techniques, this is a bad idea. When searches catch duplicate content like this, they divide the importance up between them, lowering their ranks in search engine results. It’s another good reason to avoid plagiarism as well. Make sure your content is 100% unique.

5) Utilize Social Marketing

Engaging your audience in social media channels and bringing in traffic through other websites are good SEO techniques. You don’t need to spend hours every day to see some results. Your social media presence will be visible in Internet search results as well as search results within those media sites, so it’s important that you use strong keywords and unique content on your social networking pages, too. In addition to highlighting your site content, you might strengthen social media hits by posting other relevant news, photos or questions that are not on your website.

Use this checklist each day as you manage your SEO techniques and soon it will be something you simply automatically do in terms of running your website. When you’re smart about SEO internet marketing and you put these concepts into action, you will see much more traffic coming to your business. The stronger your SEO efforts now, the more your efforts will pay off in the long run.


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