New research reveals some interesting numbers on how moms are using smartphones and the internet to engage with technology. According to a study conducted by BabyCenter, one in three mothers use their mobile devices for health-related purposes, while nine in ten use them to research health conditions specifically. Research from Mom Central Consulting shows that mothers are increasingly downloading apps for their smartphones, with programs in the areas of health and fitness being among the top categories.

The findings of these two groups serve as an indication of the opportunities healthcare professionals have when it comes to targeting smartphone using mothers. Today’s moms have fully embraced technology, and email marketing is the perfect tool to use to reach them.

Dress It Up Nicely

Whether it is on or offline, the material you put in front of your audience is a reflection of your brand. Your email campaigns are no different. Reading email is a common thing via the conventional and mobile internet, but you have to keep in mind that you are probably competing with several other marketers for attention in mom’s inbox. From compelling subject line to spectacular design, your message must be dressed to impress in order to get the type of responses you’re after.

Divide and Conquer

Just having a group of internet savvy, smartphone-packing moms on your list gives you a nice email segment to engage with specialized, highly targeted content. However, there is nothing that says you can’t drill deeper into that group for even greater relevance. For example, the BabyCenter study showed that most moms use the internet to keep up with health and wellness-related information in general, but some use their smartphones to gather information on specific health elements such as calorie intake, exercise and weight issues. This goes to show that even though moms appear to have the same general interests, their individual preferences may vary greatly.

Test and Measure

The last tip I would like to share ties into the point above. Sure, the studies referenced here in this post give a good indication of what moms like to do with their smartphones, but even when you are certain that their activities are health-related, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will respond to anything on that topic. This is why it is smart to test out various elements of your email campaigns on smaller groups to get a feel for how they will react before trying something that may not work on them all. Once you are done testing, refer to your reports, made easily accessible in Benchmark Email’s software, and track your performance to see how you did.

More moms using smartphones to interact with the internet is great news for email marketers. Why? Because email happens to be the most widely used internet service by far. According to data published by, 92% of internet users either send or read email. So whether it’s through a smartphone or desktop, a well rounded strategy can keep you connected with the information hungry moms of the 21st century.


作者 Denise Keller

Denise Keller is CFO and founding partner of Benchmark Email and a passionate philanthropist who has raised money for fresh water wells in Africa, grief counseling for needy children and a variety of other causes. A former accountant and an accomplished expert on enterprises, Keller showed solid business acumen at just 10 years old, when she started an arts and crafts babysitting service called “Daytime Playtime.” These days, you’ll find her detailing her newfound passion for Lean and the successes and tribulations as we make Benchmark a lean company.