I have lived away from my family for seven years now. It doesn’t get easier, but it makes the times I do get to spend with them even more special. This year, it just so happened that I was able to be back in Chicago around my birthday. My grandma was so excited that she planned a special dinner at a great steakhouse with all of my cousins and aunt and uncle. The meal was fantastic and we greatly enjoyed watching my baby cousin toddle around the private room my grandma had reserved.

When it came time for dessert, the waiter brought out an empty plate with a candle on it. I looked at my family and asked what the were trying to tell me. Everyone had a good laugh and the waiter explained they just weren’t sure which of several desserts my family had ordered that I would want. While the whole evening was wonderful, that special birthday dessert at the end made it feel complete. Everyone enjoys something sweet on their birthday!

That’s why birthday emails are so effective. Getting those birthday emails in your inbox throughout your special day will bring a smile to your face each time. It makes it feel like they were thinking of you. In reality, it’s probably an automated email that was sent based on data the company obtained when you signed up.

Aside from the time-saving, feel good aspect of birthday emails, another reason they are so effective is that they bring in business. If you’re a restaurant, offering a free dessert means they’re purchasing a meal. Outside of the restaurant world, it may be a discount or percentage off of your purchase. It’s earning you money that you otherwise may not have … all while making your subscribers happy to hear from you.

So why are birthday emails such an effective tool?

  • Save you time thanks to automation
  • Gain good feelings about your brand
  • Increase business you may not have had previously

作者 Andy Shore

Andy Shore found his way to Benchmark when he replied to a job listing promising a job of half blogging, half social media. His parents still don’t believe that people get paid to do that. Since then, he’s spun his addiction to pop culture and passion for music into business and marketing posts that are the spoonful of sugar that helps the lessons go down. As the result of his boss not knowing whether or not to take him seriously, he also created the web series Ask Andy, which stars a cartoon version of himself. Despite being a cartoon, he somehow manages to be taken seriously by many of his readers ... and few of his coworkers.