Business owners have very distinct views regarding digital marketing. Some feel that they lack the technical expertise to develop and implement advanced internet marketing strategies. Others are excited by the prospect of learning about new technologies and building online customer engagement. No matter which category you fall into, it is absolutely essential that you keep things simple. You might even adopt the basic and highly effective strategies outlined in this article.

Set Realistic Goals
You may have heard that it’s important to dominate the search engine results pages. You might also realize the benefit of building high quality link profiles. However, it is important to remember the importance of taking one step at a time. You are also encouraged to use tools such as Google Analytics and Kissmetrics to measure the effectiveness of digital promotions.
Find the Most Relevant Social Media Platforms
You’ll probably be aware that there are a great variety of social media websites. People keen to build business networks are encouraged to use LinkedIn. Those wanting to establish personal connections are advised to use Twitter and Facebook. You may be tempted to ensure that all bases are covered by registering with all of the popular networks. However, it would be far more sensible to target those sites which are used by your target market. It might be worth asking your regular customers how they use social media. You should also research the social strategies which have been adopted by your closest competitors.
Personalize Your Marketing Messages
You should aim to find out as much as possible about your digital audience. Consider the topics that they like to discuss on the social media websites and forums. Try to ascertain the types of offers that they are interested in. Then tailor your marketing messages accordingly. You might use Optimizely to create landing pages for website visitors who have shown an interest in specific products or services. It would also be worth encouraging blog comments and providing thoughtful responses. Your customers will feel highly valued if you interact with them on a personal level.
Realize the Benefits of Email Marketing
It is important to keep up with the latest digital trends. However, you shouldn’t forget about the effectiveness of traditional email marketing. Research has revealed that targeted emails generate far more click-throughs than online advertisements. It is also known that businesses who’ve used email marketing have enjoyed significant improvements in digital revenue. It’s worth pointing out the importance of building comprehensive email lists and monitoring the impact of different campaigns.
Keep to the Basic Principles of SEO
You’ll undoubtedly realise that it is necessary to develop SEO strategies for digital success. You might even have taken the time to peruse the various websites and books dedicated to this seemingly complex topic. You will appreciate that time should be taken over the selection of keywords and optimisation of meta tags. However, if you’re really keen to satisfy the search engines and keep your customers happy, then you should focus on generating quality content. You’ll find that people are happy to discuss your fascinating blogs and entertaining videos. They may even use social media to share your content.
Take the Simple Approach to Mobile Marketing
As a digital marketer, you’ll realize that people have spent an increasing amount of time on their mobile phones and tablets over the last few years. A recently published infographic revealed that 50% of people use mobile devices as their main internet source. So you’re advised to implement mobile optimization strategies. However, it’s more sensible to focus on developing easily navigable mobile sites than the use of snazzy apps and the integration of QR codes. You should really focus on making the mobile experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.
Focus on Your Customers
You may think that it’s necessary to offer substantial discounts and special coupons as a means of enticing prospective customers. However, it would be more sensible to price your products or services reasonably and concentrate on the benefits that your customers will enjoy. You should come up with advertisements which appeal directly to the core desires of your target market. And remember to maintain the lines of digital communication.
Enlist Some Professional Assistance
It is likely that you have a number of business strengths. You may be particularly good at selling products to the people who visit your store. You may also have the ability to solve technical problems. However, it is worth bearing in mind that there are a variety of digital marketing experts who can help you to create and implement targeted campaigns.
Over to you
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