The new features presented by Facebook’s switch to Timeline has made it easier to develop your online story. Instead of simply having a profile and fan page that details basic information, users are now endowed with the possibilities of presenting their entire life (whether you think that is a good thing is entirely up to you).

The techs at Facebook understood a key idea that is growing within the ever changing computer age: People vie for significance. In the past, only the rich, famous and press were allowed to truly speak. The technology age has given the everyday person the power of speech and a place to vent their opinions.

If you have a computer, then you have a voice. This is why outlets such as blogging and video blogging have been met with such success. People want to be able to share their stories.

Humanize Your Brand

For a business, using Facebook to develop a story is a very powerful tool. By creating a genuine backstory with interesting facts, a brand is humanized. Customers want to feel like they are dealing with real people, not a company.

How many times have you sat battling with automated messages yelling out random numbers and options when all you wanted to do was speak to a representative? A real, live person will always be better than a robot. Haven’t we learned anything from watching Terminator?

Using Milestones to Tell Your Story

There are two main features that contribute to the development of a personalized story: Milestones and the Cover Photo.

Milestones are key moments that are highlighted on your page. Every page should spend some time fully developing their story. If your business has been around for a decade or two, there should be plenty of history to recollect.

A good friend of our company owns a Hapkido Dojo and has recently started using Milestones to fill in history. Hapkido, of course, is a form of Korean Martial Arts that is mainly used for self-defense. Once he started adding old photos and creating back stories, his once dead Facebook page started to come to life. He shared photos of his old master, images of when the dojo first opened, his first Hapkido lessons and so on. With those minor additions, his Fan page became enriched with history, tradition and, above all else, a story. Once his Fan page looked less like a ghost town and more like a busy metropolis, people started commenting, sharing and liking his posts.

One large company that uses their milestones in an interesting and effective way is Coca-Cola. They have milestones that include historic American events. Thus, they are infusing their brand with America itself. Genius.

Your Cover Photo Is Their First Impression

Since the Cover Photo takes up such a large amount of real estate on your Fan Page, it should be used wisely. This is simple: Pick something fun and creative. Think breathtaking and eye catchy. You know how you can tell someone’s personality by the type of clothing they wear? This is the same mentality. The type of art work or image you choose will truly define your company. Facebook fans mostly use the Newsfeed for all of their posting needs. However, from time to time they will visit your site. Make sure that you make a good first impression.

Facebook and social media are no longer about quick one minute profiles that exhibit simple information. People want to know more. They want to see the person behind the brand.


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Nelson Ta is the Content Editor and lead blogger for Omnibeat. As a social media enthusiast with a extensive background in writing, he strives to help businesses and people understand the latest trends in social media, technology and marketing. He graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a double-major in Comparative World Literature and English Education. After short stint in the field of education and teaching composition, Nelson wanted to take a break from teaching and pursue a career in writing. His goal is to continually provide useful, fun, comprehensive information to all readers. You can find him on almost all platforms.