Giving your brand’s online marketing videos the best chance to go viral is not just a simple task of uploading them and forgetting about them. Jenny Dean of Floppycats recently posted a blog on Problogger entitled 14 Ways to Promote Your Latest YouTube Video and many of the points made on that post and the other linked, more technical blogs should be adopted by any brand interested in making an impact in their video marketing.

  • Optimize your title – So many times otherwise attractive brand videos have profoundly boneheaded titles such as: 43985mov.mp4. Pull out the keywords that most closely describe what the video is all about and that your customers will be looking for, and use them as the basis of crafting a proper title.
  • Link back to your website – What is the point of spending time, money and energy to create and upload a video unless there are valid links back to your website and primary social media presences? Ensure that your links are right up front in the above the fold area prior to the “Show More” break.
  • Plunk it on Pinterest – But, but, but… isn’t Pinterest just a static image site? Nope, the site can easily accommodate videos just as easily as photos. Who knew? Just make sure that you embed the longer of the two links and you’re on the way to really turning your otherwise staid pin board into a video viral triggerer par excellence!
  • Share the living daylights out of it – If you have to be told that you need to share then perhaps you should consider abandoning social media altogether. The essence of any social networking is sharing, so do everything in your power to broadcast your video’s link across every possible social presence you have.
  • Integrate it into your blogs – Creating a blog post and embedding the video into it is a prerequisite to getting the word out, but make sure that your blog is not just a transparent fluff promo piece but expands upon the topics covered in the video so that you don’t come off like a mere video shill.
  • Upload the transcript – The transcript of the video is automatically made available as a closed captioning feature by just clicking the CC button on your YouTube video. This will also make the content indexed. Creating and uploading a transcript is an absolute prerequisite to any brand marketing video.
  • Include the video into a playlist – Integrating your latest video into a playlist in order to group it with other videos on the same topic (whether produced by your brand or other users) creates a synergetic effect that boosts the indexability of your video.
  • Work your channel and channel your work – Uploading a standalone video without taking advantage of the power of YouTube Channels is somewhat akin to having the best food truck in the city and parking it in a forlorn back alley. Put in the time necessary to build up your channel to provide measurable worth to your consumer base and watch your viewings zoom.

The most essential factor in achieving brand marketing success through YouTube videos is the quality and value of the content itself. Brand videos have come a long way from the days when they were grainy, handheld, muddled amateur productions.

Today’s video viewing audience demands production quality levels not far removed from network television, so get your hands on the best video production equipment you can possibly afford and apply the highest levels of quality to every aspect of your video from the script to the on-screen performances to the editing. Your marketing videos are the YouTube face of your entire brand and you can’t afford to come off looking like a bunch of dilettantes who are just playing around with videos without really having much of a clue as to what you’re doing. Maximize your investment in your brand marketing videos through a professional approach to the entire production and you’ll be on the way to video marketing nirvana!

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