Social and mobile are huge right now, yet email marketing still ranks as one of the best tools to promote just about anything. Times have changed, no doubt, but this medium continues to get plenty of play as a tool for raising awareness, building relationships and even driving revenue. Email marketing has a lot to offer, but just like most internet-based services, you never know what you’re getting when buying something for the first time. Dabbling in online services can be a gamble of sorts as you’re often dealing with intangibles.

Because you can never trust the claims of a service provider without having dealt with the company firsthand, a free trial is something you need to start looking for before you make that important investment. Let’s take a look at some more specific reasons why a free trial period is so crucial for email marketing.

You Need to Know You’re Making the Right Decision

Although we like to toot our own horn from time to time, we will be the first to tell you that despite all its advantages, email marketing is not right for every company or organization. This is mainly because there are so many important factors that must be taken into consideration when making the decision. For instance, you have to think about your target audience and how likely they are to use the internet, particularly email, how this method can be used to complement your existing marketing efforts and whether or not you have the budget to support the ongoing investment. These factors and more deserve careful attention before you even think about rolling out your first campaign.

A free email marketing trial period, which usually runs for 30 days, gives you ample time to try out a given service and determine if it is indeed the answer to your needs. Within this timeframe, you figure out how effective the service is at reaching your audience by analyzing the results email makes so easily accessible. In addition, you can determine if the service is worth shelling out money for and, more importantly, if this particular marketing venue is right for you.

Everything Needs a Return Policy

You know you’re taking a risk when you purchase something labeled “sold as is.” However, you can be taking just as big a gamble when purchasing something without a warranty. You could browse the shelves of a retail store and narrow your options down to two different products offering the same features for the same price, but the one that offers some type of warranty always makes the best choice. Why? Because you can return it, and get a refund if you are not completely satisfied with the performance.

The free trial period attached to email marketing is similar to a retail store’s return policy. While you will not be getting any money back, you can experience the service through a test drive and alleviate the associated risks by doing so. And you can take us for a test drive with our free email marketing trial today!


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