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Taking Customer Service to the Next Level with Email Marketing

Times are tough, and even the most successful franchises are pulling out all stops to keep from slipping into the red. So how can franchises grow their profits without increasing their advertising budget? Benchmark Email's new guide for franchise owners, Franchises: Taking Customer Service to The Next Level with Email Marketing, will show you how to launch an email marketing campaign and improve your visibility, increase your subscriber list and ultimately boost your bottom line. Build a great online reputation and bring your prospective clients the information they really want to know. Explore this free, downloadable PDF or read it directly from our site. Maybe your next location is closer than you think!
What's Inside
Create Email Campaigns
Determine Advertising Placement
Email Statistics
Comparing Email Open Rates
Comparing Click-Through Rates
Industry Discussion
Set Marketing Goals
Understand Email Best Practices
Benchmark Does It for You
Email Software Features
Explore Benchmark Email

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