The Heart of Business has provided me and my menagerie of cohosts the opportunity to speak with so many incredible people who we’d never get the chance to chat with otherwise.

However, once in a while we get to talk with someone who we are familiar with and something special happens. You get to ask questions you never would otherwise and find out even more about someone you already know. It’s a treat.

That was the case with Clayton Wood.

For the better part of the last year, we’ve gotten to see Clayton’s face in our office or hear his voice on a call with weekly frequency. He’s taught us more about SEO than we could have ever imagined possible.

It’s always fun to hear where he’s been in the time he’s not with us. He’ll share with us about the events he attends and speaks at. All those lucky audiences! We realized it was time to make our podcast listeners one of those.

We got to talk a bit about SEO, how Clayton has founded multiple multi-million dollar businesses and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Plus, we found out how he wound up in Playboy.

There seems to be this common thread through people that have this adventurous spirit and I can’t quite put a pin on it, but there’s something about the personality and it’s really interesting that when these people meet each other, something clicks. Even if you don’t talk about the traveling or the adventures that you had … there seems to be something about the way that people’s brains work that are looking for some amazing adventure. The best relationships I’ve had are with people with similar mindsets in that regard.