If you had to count the number of email campaigns promoting live theater with very un-live still photos, you’d probably run out of numbers. Despite its promotional power, plenty of email marketers refuse to use video in their campaigns, even though many things – the performing arts included – demand the use of this active medium.

Fortunately for us, Kerry Records wasn’t afraid to add an exciting, spirited video in their email campaign. This not only paves the road for other email marketers, but earns Kerry our Best Use of Video award.

On the evening of Saint Patrick’s Day next month, Kerry Records will hold the theatrical version of an Irish Hooley, a dazzling, energetic dance and music party. In promoting the event, the staff at Kerry understood that to sell tickets and get the crowd excited about the show, they needed to give a preview of what to expect that night. The result is an Irish-themed layout framing a video of step-dancing, music playing, and a song that quickens pace for an exciting, toe-tapping finale. The rest of the layout uses text to describe the event and give the details, but make no mistake: the video is the ticket-selling closer.

We understand that not every video will have the momentum of a down-home, Irish shindig, but if you’re on the fence about using video in your campaigns, you should look to Kerry Records as an example. Remember that the same people who skim emails before virtually dumping them in the trash bin will often watch a brief, well-crafted video, and this may give you the chance to re-engage an unenthused group of subscribers.

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