There is a saying, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” However, in the world of eCommerce, you got to keep fixing and improving your site. Even if you already have the most successful online store in the world, it will definitely grow stagnant if you leave it untouched. Then before you know it, other competitors will be crawling up to take your place. That’s why the motto here is: always be improving!

There is always a way to improve! Keep your eyes peeled to see what the latest trends are, what your customers are requesting, and what you can do to make the online shopping experience much better.

Kendra Scott had that mission to upgrade their site when they upgraded their Magento page to Magento Enterprise edition. Kendra Scott is a popular jewelry company with over 20 retail location and 700 specialty boutiques. The jewelry line experienced tremendous success since its launch in 2002 and has partnered with various high-end department stores. So when starting their eCommerce propelled their sales up by 200% annually, the company saw that it was time to upgrade to their site to handle more products, more customers, and more tools that would really amplify the whole online store.

That’s why in 2014, Kendra Scott upgraded their software to Magento Enterprise Edition. With this new edition, Kendra Scott was able to perform many more tasks to improve their store. As VP of Ecommerce and Loyalty, Tria Brindley Foster, says, “As our business grew by leaps and bounds, we upgraded to Magneto Enterprise Edition for several reasons: service and support, higher performance and stability as well as more robust marketing features like gift cards offers.”

Due to the new design and features, the Kendra Scott company now enables to showcase their products through social media integrations, digital look books, weekly cross channel promotions, retargeting campaigns, and more. Unique to their eCommerce store too, customers are now able to use the digital Color Bar on large in-store displays as part of their experience. With improved designed and digital functionality, Kendra Scott is able to provide the most optimal online service to their customers.

If you are just starting out your online store and not sure where to start yet, Magento will make your introduction easy and fun. Don’t forget to combine it with email marketing, the most effective and proven way to increase brand awareness, strengthen customer relations and improve your business overall. Try the Benchmark Email Magento integration and see for yourself!