Whether you’re blogging for fun or for profit, it can be more exciting to do whenever you can get others to share your blog posts. There are some clever blog marketing tactics you can use to make others more willing to share your posts, thereby increasing traffic to your website and potentially strengthening your overall SEO.

Provide Quality Content

Before people will become interested in sharing your blog, they will have to feel as though they are getting something useful from it themselves. The best way to ensure your readers are benefitting from your blog is to post fresh content on a regular basis. While you’re at it, it can be helpful to post a few words of wisdom in some of your blog posts. That way, others could be inspired to quote you, which could involve them linking to your post so that others could verify the source for themselves.

Take Advantage of Social Networking

Social networking can be one of the most beneficial ways to conduct blog marketing. When doing so, it’s important to build relationships on this network first rather than asking people to follow your blog right away. Your connections could end up feeling as though they are being spammed if they are asked to follow a blog shortly after accepting your friend request. Try to make useful and personal comments to others so they will become more interested in reading your blog, as they are more likely to share posts if they chose to read it rather than feeling obligated to do so.

Encourage Others to Subscribe

Readers are more likely to share your posts if they subscribe to your postings in some way. This could be as simple as having them sign up for RSS feeds or email newsletters. The key to getting new subscribers to your blog is to gently encourage them to do so by having widgets that are easy to locate on your blog’s home page. You could also place a call to action in some of your posts, but be careful not to do that everytime you post new material or you risk coming across as overly salesly.

Enlist Help From Affiliates

Affiliate or association marketing is a process whereby businesses pay other individuals a commission in exchange for them sending traffic to their website. These affiliates will post links to your website in an effort to drive traffic to it. One of the ways they might try to do this is by sharing your blog posts on their own website or social media pages. These affiliates could also use social voting sites such as Digg, Reddit, or Newsvine to help people become aware of your blog and increase the odds that they might visit it.

When it comes to blog marketing, one of the best ways to be successful is to have others share your posts. You’re more likely to be successful if you engage in more than one of these blog marketing tactics to help you get the online attention you are looking for.