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Benchmark Does It for You

Email Marketing for Franchises

Benchmark as Your Franchise' Email Marketing Partner
Swiftly & Comprehensively Refresh Your Email Marketing Strategy
Team your franchise business with the email service experts at Benchmark Email to efficiently and affordably reach the bulk of your franchise' customer base. Benchmark Email is known throughout the online communications industry as one of the leading and most reputable email service providers, trusted by over 73,000 satisfied users. Benchmark Email is now offering a comprehensive and exhaustive Franchise Email Marketing Solution that can place into action the full breadth of your successful online promotional strategy. Every franchisee knows that Return On Investment is of primary importance and one of the primary evaluations of any email marketing plan. Benchmark Email's finely engineered DIY email and social network communications solution for franchise businesses features an easy to use Web interface connected with the most advanced and successful email marketing and social media implementations available anywhere. Renew your online communications strategies and boost your franchise business' bottom line with Benchmark Email's professional solution today!

Choose to Have Benchmark Email's Renowned Marketing Pros Do It for You
The experienced franchise owner or manager knows when to delegate work to expert personnel; you may employ the adoption of a fully delegated approach to your email marketing campaigns by turning over the entire project to the skilled online professionals at Benchmark Email. Your franchise business can participate in the We Do It for You Full Service Email Marketing process, a service wherein seasoned experts at Benchmark Email perform the functions of your own email and social media marketing team. To benefit from these advanced services, all you need to do is provide your email marketing subscription list along with a list of the main elements you want to focus on in your campaign, and the Benchmark Email communications professionals will immediately get to work compiling, developing and implementing a state of the art strategy for your franchise business.

Benchmark Email's communications and promotional professionals will manage every phase of up to two totally separate email marketing campaigns for your franchise business. You may even elect to operate additional email marketing newsletter campaigns at the same time for a minimal charge. The team covers every element of your franchise business' campaign, including streamlining and segmenting your subscription list to your precise specifications, launching auto-respond functions and the creation of client feedback channels, which can produce a comprehensive prospect survey to define the full spectrum of your subscriber characteristics so you may accurately focus your marketing efforts.