If you’re a small business owner still stuck in a PC-heavy world, then you might as well stick a “Going Out of Business” decal on your office window. Apple itself has become a symbol of savvy craftsmanship; its service-centric business model and tremendous growth are testaments to smart management.

Apple overall seems designed with a business owner in mind. Their app library offers a wealth of affordable resources for running your operations; plus all apps are convertible to your iPad.

The iPad Business Benefits

Before we jump into the iDesk, it’s pretty crucial to understand the business benefits of an iPad:

It’s easier to process information since a lot of companies are now creating custom resource apps.
Get things done then and there since you no longer have to wait to go home to convert any notes into a digital file.
Reduce printing and storing costs by saving and hosting catalogs on your iPad.

Secondly, there’s the issue of relevance. Having an iPad shows your clients and peers that you’re up to speed with the latest developments; using the apps shows you know how to merge creativity with function – which is likely to be an ability showcased in your work and an appealing trait to clients. The iPad also allows you to share your work or the brainstorming process in a far more interactive way than traditional computer usage, which creates a barrier between you and your client.

In business, the iPad essentially serves as a portfolio and presentation tool – an impressive asset that helps close more sales meetings.

How iDesk Transforms the Creative Process

Take the iDesk, a $4.99 app that transforms your iPad into more than just a cool gadget. It turns it into what is basically a grown-up, revamped “Etch-a-sketch.”

Apple says, “a diagram is worth a thousand words,” arguing that diagrams are visual indicators that communicate more efficiently and drive messages forward. With that in mind, the iDesk allows you to create flow charts, Venn diagrams, sketches, maps, organizational charts and even take notes. You can use it to brainstorm with colleagues and clients, create professional diagrams and offer on-the-go presentations. With the iPad, you no longer need an entire computer at your disposal – and with the iDesk, you no longer need additional tools such as a mouse, drawing pad or keyboard to get things done. It’s simpler, it’s faster and it’s a lot more convenient.

So what exactly can you do with iDesk? Check out the long list of capabilities, including…

  • Create entire diagrams and graphs with connecting lines, figures and curves.
  • Convert an idea to paper with Air Print support and ability.
  • Use two fingers to “zoom and pan” the note you’re working on.
  • Duplicate forms, shapes, lines, text and even entire notes; manipulate shapes, colors, opacity, etc.
  • Select, move, rotate and scale as desired.
  • Make use of the smart “undo” button just like your desktop computer has.
  • Send notes and diagrams via email.
  • Showcase your content as a presentation through VGA Outputs.
  • Allot up to 80% of the total available screen to use this app.

    If you’re finding everything the iDesk has to offer, then you should also check out OmicronNotes and KeyNote.


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