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Email Marketing for Energy Suppliers

Energy Supply & Services: Powering Progress via Email Marketing

As the price at the pump continues its climb, the summer heat forces even the most frugal of consumers to crank up the air, and the winter chill has them reaching for the thermostat. So it is more important than ever for energy service providers to communicate clearly with consumers. Reaching customers in such a large and varied industry can seem difficult, but Benchmark Email has compiled a comprehensive guide for the energy services industry enumerating the current industry statistics and providing actionable strategies for improvement. In Email Marketing for the Energy Services Industry, we'll show you how to build a great online reputation and bring your prospective clients the information they really want to know. Explore this free white paper as a downloadable PDF or read it directly from our site.
What's Inside
Constructing Campaigns
Business Differentiation
Email Statistics
Comparing Open Rates
Comparing Click-Throughs
Industry Discussion
Marketing Goals
Email Software Features
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